Wednesday, August 27, 2014

yarnalong: the toe & some good humor

...Joining Ginny's YarnAlong, sharing what I'm knitting and reading...
I thought for sure I would have my socks finished for today's yarn along. Then I saw I had dropped two stitches right before changing to blue yarn for the toe. I hadn't noticed until knitting for a bit. I brought it to Inge hoping there was some sort of knitting miracle cure I didn't know about, but I had been decreasing so picking up those stitches would have proved to be difficult. So I ripped it out past those dropped stitches. Picking up those wee stitches takes some concentration. I got started again. I saw the toe wasn't looking like my other one and then realized that I made another blooper: I was decreasing one row, knitting one row, instead of decreasing one and knitting two. Whoops! So I ripped it back again. Now I'm very close to finishing the toe.

When I asked for a funny book at the library last week (thanks for your suggestions, by the way) they recommended one book to me: Bridget Jone's Diary by Helen Fielding. At first I sort of dismissed the idea since I'd already seen the movie many years ago. But then I thought I really needed something different since I always seem to go to the very same shelves in the library and it brought me to new section entirely. Last week on the mornings I woke up early, I had productive work time and creative time. This week when I've woken up early, I've been reading by headlamp. This book is actually really hilarious. The author is very funny. I like diaries because I enjoy seeing behind the surface of people- what their thoughts and feelings are, where they are coming from. I love being able to relate to people, see what we have in common, and understand them, whether we have many similarities or our lives are very different. Last night I talked to my grandma on the phone and told her what I was reading. I told her it was funny, but inappropriate. She joked that my great grandmother would not have approved then, because after she read books she would tape little notes in them saying things like: "too much cussing" or "too much drinking." This book has both of those things, for starters, but it's serving it's purpose quite well: which is getting me to laugh.

How about you? 
Knitting? Reading?

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

august saturday market booths (2014 part one)

I've been taking pictures at The Eugene Saturday Market throughout the month of August, to show you around a bit. It's been awhile since I've done a post like this. (I was doing one a year. Here's 2011 and 2012. I think I skipped last year. )  It's fun to give you a peek in some of the booths. This is but a small sampling, there are so many more booths with so many creative handmade things to look at and enjoy.
.:Antler earrings with turquoise and fabric buttons in our booth, Mystic Orb & Wooly Moss Roots.
(I took a picture of a friend's Eat More Kale shirt when they visited our booth and then noticed the look on the girl's face as she is looking at our earrings in the background. I like to think that she was saying to her friend "these earrings are just so beautiful I think I'm going to cry!")
.:Windchimes and bracelets crafted from old silverplate silverware by Teresa's Phantasmagoria.
(I  think her windchimes make great gifts and you won't believe her prices.)
.:Wooden boxes, spirit shakers (great baby rattles), and hair barrettes by Earnest Efforts.
(And Bracken's silly faces sandwiched between Heather and I. Showing them his marvelous pouty face while we show our hair barrettes. I wear mine all the time and they have a liftetime guarantee! Thanks to Jolaine for taking these last two pictures for us.)
.:Leather baby moccasins and adult moccasins by Sole Mates.
(Bracken has been wearing handmade shoes by Jolaine since he was born. How special is it to have your shoes made by a friend? Pretty special. Her booth is filled with marvelous things, just showed the footwear this time.) 
.:Handmade earthenware tiles by Terra Madre Tile.
(We have one of Jude's lightswitch plate covers in our home that we love. I love her bright colors and designs.)
.:Yarn and wool creations by Timberwolf Farm.
(I want to touch the soft yarn every time we visit Inge in her booth. Bracken wants to touch it all too.)
.:Hand-printed t-shirts by Fancy Clancy.
(Her shirts are so soft. Bracken loves his "lion shirt" and always shows Amy whenever he's wearing it.)
.:Felted wool "felties" by Eliel Fionn.
(Bracken has some wooly friends from this booth. And those wool vegetables are just too cute. You can watch Eliel needlefelting in her booth when yo u visit.)
.:Organic Loose Leaf Teas by Labrang Tea Traders.
(Can I say how nice it is to visit Angela's booth on a hot day and try samples of her cold herb tea? She happily gives Bracken many samples. We love many of their blends and just tried a new one- Fennel Spice- and it was really yummy.) 
.:Purses and bags by Lara Howe Designs.
(She has all different styles and colors. Lara also does hairwraps and happens to be our Holiday Market booth neighbor.) 
.:Mica night lights and botanical light shades by Innerlight Lamps.
(We have a few of Janie's night lights and a light shade in our house and love them. You can also find Janie regularly on the market stage making music on her saxophone.)
.:Handwoven pine needle baskets by KneedleKnacks.
(Yes, Linda happily invites Bracken to visit her booth and lets him practice balancing baskets on his head. He loves to balance things on his head. I took two baskets out of her booth to photograph them because all the pictures I took in her booth turned out blurry.)
.:Prints, journals, watercolor paintings by Bright Creations.
(I've written here before about Nancy's inspiring artwork. Each painting that graces our walls is a blessing to look upon. Our family loves her artwork.)
.:Stoneware by Off-Center Ceramics and journals by Pulp Romances.
(Bracken loves to point and identify all the different animals on their pottery. Frank and Denise also happen to be set up right next door to us at the market.)
.:Handmade women's clothing in natural and sustainable fabrics by Belle Weather
(Lovely, lovely clothes. Both Fiona and Jenna are talented artists and have joined together to create this new clothing line. I love seeing all the new pieces they come up with.) 
Okay, those are just some of the booths around Eugene Saturday Market. More next time in part two! (I still have so many pictures I might need to make a part three. And if you are a market vendor and would like to be featured in the next one, let me know.) It's an amazing market and we feel so grateful to be a part of it!