Monday, July 2, 2012

In a Yarn Shop Near You (your chance for free buttons!)

We love making buttons!! (I'm sure my saying this is no surprise to you.)
We love providing high quality artisan buttons for those who appreciate all the time, energy, and love we put into them. For those who appreciate the works of art they truly are. We go above and beyond with our buttons. We go beyond lightly sanded, to a long sanding process until each button is buttery smooth. We go beyond sanding, and polish them till they shine like stone. We go beyond by shaping our buttons as well, which takes considerably more work, but the results are well worth the effort.  Our buttons come in a wide variety of reclaimed woods. We've got all different sizes, shapes, woods, colors and sets ranging from 1 to 9. Each set of buttons we make has so much character. As someone exclaimed "Your buttons are just so soulful!" I wanted to hug them. That is just what we're going for.
We know they cost a little more than other wood buttons out there, but we also know they're worth it and that there are those who want the kind of buttons we provide. And when it comes down to it, they are worth much more than we're charging for them. Our buttons in reclaimed sassafras go for $4 a button. The ones in reclaimed western red cedar for $5. Then $6 a button for reclaimed birdseye maple burl, reclaimed mountain mahogany, and other specialty woods that are harder to work. They are all priced according to how much work it takes to make them in that particular wood.
To hear people's delight over our handmade wooden buttons is so wonderful and then, then to see all the amazing things people create and adorn with our beloved buttons, that is truly a treat for us!
 Western Red Cedar
Yew (from our yard)
Birdseye Maple Burl
Mountain Mahogany
We've been working hard making buttons and getting our shop filled with them. We've been doing sponsorship on several blogs and just started advertising on Ravelry for the first time (starting yesterday.) We've been looking for more ways to spread the word about our buttons. (I have a funny vision of me yodeling on a mountain top- "Yoda-lay-he-hoo...Hello! Calling all button lovers! Psst..Over here!")
We'd love and greatly appreciate your help in spreading the word about our buttons.
When thinking about that, a wonderful inspiration came to me. You see, we have our buttons in a Yarn Shop called Stash in Corvallis, Oregon (it's a wonderful shop, check it out locals!) We would love to see our buttons in Yarn Shops all over the world! That's where you come in.
Do you have a favorite Yarn Shop? Several? Would you like to see our buttons there?

-Pass along our website:
-Let them know we have awesome buttons and that we offer wholesale prices (50% off retail)
-Send me an e-mail to: tarynkae21{at}yahoo{dot}com 
letting me know the name & location of the yarn shop you spoke to
-If they contact us and place a wholesale order, 
you will get to pick out three sets of buttons, of your choice, in our shop, for free!!
and we'd be happy to make them custom sets

Sound good? 
We think so.
There's no time limit. This is an ongoing offer.
Time to shout it from the mountain tops!