Saturday, May 18, 2013

Giveaway: Stainless Steel Cheese Press!

Have you been wanting a good quality cheese press for your kitchen?
If so, then today might be your lucky day!
Years ago, my mom gave this stainless steel cheese press to Jeff and I for a gift (I think it was Christmas? Or maybe my birthday?) We were so excited! It had been on our wish list for a long time and we really wanted it. We were milking goats and making kefir and soft cheese (we dabbled in buttermilk and yogurt, but kefir and cheese were our favorites.) We flavored our soft cheese with garden herbs and let me just say it was good. Make that incredible. We were hooked on cheese making. Jeff was anxious to delve into the world of hard cheeses and more particularly, aged cheeses. When we got the above cheese press, Jeff made a round of hard aged goat cheddar. If I remember correctly, he made it before Bracken was born. Then it hung in our pantry for a long time (until last July. To give you an idea of time, Bracken turned two last October.) Jeff decided it was time to open it up and check it out. I took pictures of it all and hadn't gotten around to posting them on my blog, until now that is.
 It was covered in wax (a kind we bought specifically for aged cheeses.)
 Jeff holding it and admiring what was underneath.
 Beautiful, aged raw cheddar goat cheese.
 And now, prepare yourself for some incredibly hilarious pictures of Jeff (and bless him for allowing me to post them, he's awesome like that.) Since it was such a momentous event, unveiling his round of cheese and all, we decided to photograph his first bite.
 Smelling it.......
 ....About to take his first bite....
 Can you tell he liked it?
 We only ended up using that wonderful cheese press one time! And as I wrote about before, our family stopped eating dairy. So the cheese press has been sitting in our kitchen cupboard. I don't like to see anything around here not being used. I like to keep our space as simple and clean and organized as possible (we still have a long ways to go around here, but we are surely making progress.) Recently this cheese press popped into my head and I thought what a waste it was to have it not being used. And then... I had an idea! Why not have a giveaway here and pass it along to someone else who could use it? I know it's going to make someone out there really happy and that makes us happy.
Okay, and now, the giveaway part. 

The stainless steel cheese press is from the Hoegger Goat Supply Company
I didn't find it on the site, but I think the press cost at least $100 dollars. 
Used once and good quality!
At first I was going to keep this giveaway to entries in the United States only because of the cost of shipping (this thing is heavy), but I want to let everyone have an opportunity to enter. So, international entries are welcome, but if you live outside the U.S. and you happen to win, I ask that you split the cost of shipping with us, thanks!
To enter the giveaway, use the rafflecoptor widget below. It's really easy and you can earn up to 20 entries.
Giveaway will end on Thursday at midnight and winner announced within this post on Friday.

Have you dabbled in cheese making? Been wanting to give it a go? Been doing it for years? 
Do share!

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